Hair Regrowth

DR. Sunny Rajput

So many people surrender to hair loss despite being very unhappy or self-conscious about it, instead investing their time and energy into methods of disguise. Others may decide to make use of topical creams, simply staving off or slowing down the rate of hair loss short term.
Whether you're currently relying on hair pieces, spray-on hair fibres, supplements - even medications heavy with side-effects - to conceal hair loss, it can feel like a long, unrelenting road.
The good news is that hair loss is no longer a symptom that people have to simply manage; certainly not when the world of cosmetic medicine has uncovered such remarkable routes to rebuilding those hair-producing structures. Sufferers of female and male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, post-partum hair loss and thinning hair - even those who simply do not have sufficient hair for transplantation - are seeing life-changing results by venturing the bio-restorative approach.
PRP for hair growth involves infusing struggling hair follicles with PRP ('Platelet Rich Plasma') which has been extracted from the blood.
PRP treatment serves as a non-surgical remedy to premature hair loss and thinning. It is most commonly used to treat male/female pattern baldness and alopecia but may also be used to encourage rapid hair growth in areas such as the beard, the eyebrows and the pubic area.