DR. Sunny Rajput

Micro-needling (also referred to as skin-needling, dermal rollering or collagen induction) is a proven rejuvenation technique.
The treatment uses a device that systematically creates tiny micro-channels in the skin to encourage the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and is an effective way to reverse skin damage and creates fresher, younger and healthier looking skin.
Dermaroller, also known as collagen induction therapy, skin roller, skin needling or most commonly microneedling, is an incredibly effective method of erasing imperfections from the surface of the skin. The secret to doing so: rebuilding the body's collagen fibre supply and making way for fresh, new skin to take place of the old skin.
Dermaroller is an incredibly popular method of skin resurfacing because it is perfect for a whole host of diverse skin complaints. Dermaroller can put an end to everything from acne scarring and enlarged pores to age spots, sun damage and areas of pigmentation.
Micro-Needling treatment helps…
Improve problematic skin
Minimise acne scaring
Reduce pigmentation
Smoothes stretch marks
Treats sun damage
Diminishes wrinkles
Aids skin & hair rejuvenation
Improves thread veins